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A Caprimo for every Taste!

Caprimo has been offering great value for money products with consumer-adapted taste, consistent quality and stable operating functionality for over 30 years. Discover it today!

Caprimo Skimmed Milk
Caprimo’s sugar-free skimmed milk powder tops off your drinks with the pure taste of freshly steamed milk: 100% skimmed milk powder, 100% fresh milk taste. Cover your warm beverages in a blanket of creamy goodness with only skimmed milk, nothing else. Perfect for your favourite hot beverage recipes like cafè latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate.
Caprimo Creamer
The new Caprimo Creamer adds a lot more to your cup of coffee or tea than a simple shade of white. As a non-dairy accompaniment with 35% fat content, it gives all your hot drinks a pleasant, quality topping with a creamy mouthfeel and rich taste – but without the sweet aftertaste of most other whiteners. The new Caprimo Creamer is a spray dried non-dairy creamer, offering a great balance, a smooth taste and the excellent vending functionality you have come to appreciate from all Caprimo products. So top off your coffee with the cream’ of Caprimo Whiteners!